Cyber Criminals Are Targeting the Hospitality Industry. Here's What You Can Do.

Wednesday, June 9 2021

Somewhere in the world right now, cybercriminals are stealing private business information and sensitive customer data. And they’re targeting the hospitality industry.

Is your business safe? 

Cybersecurity is not covered under your general liability insurance, which is why so many restaurants and hotels aren’t aware they’re unprotected. Meanwhile, hackers are accessing data via DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, phishing, and ransomware. And it only takes seconds for a mass data breach to cost a vulnerable business both its finances and its reputation. 

But there IS something you can do. Make sure you have top-quality cyber insurance to cover you in the event of such an attack, including covering the ransom. This should also include notifying customers about a breach and repairing any damaged computer systems, in addition to recovering stolen data. 

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