Here's Why You Need EPLI

Thursday, July 22 2021

As a business owner, you probably don’t like to think about ever needing EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance) - why would your own staff ever sue you? 

 The reality is that all business owners with full or part-time employees need to protect themselves against unwarranted employee litigation and its associated costs, which can add up quickly, especially in California. A few examples of situations where EPLI can save your business are when employees file lawsuits against you, such as:

  •  Discrimination-Based  Claims (such as race, gender, disability, age-related claims) 
  •  Wrongful Termination Claims 
  •  Breach of Contract 
  •  Harassment Lawsuits 

 A comprehensive EPLI coverage plan will cover your legal costs and any settlements you may have to pay. This type of coverage is not usually part of your broader business insurance package, so it’s important to ask your broker or agent about EPLI specifically. 

 Core Collective will look at your risk profile and get you the lowest market rates based on your unique needs. We specialize in the hospitality business, so we know which risks are lurking, and how to keep your business safe. 

 Call us today and one of our EPLI experts will work with you on securing a quality, affordable EPLI plan. It just might save your business one day!

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